Our Initiatives

Reimagine South Carolina

In light of the Charleston tragedy, we are organizing non-partisan dialogues on a community-by-community basis about the future of our state, encouraging citizens to reimagine South Carolina as the peaceful and prosperous home we know it can be. If we envision the future together, we can build it together. Want to participate? Click here to learn how.

Recall Petition

If an elected official is found guilty of misconduct or malfeasance, we believe that our voters should have the right to consider holding a special election to decide whether or not this elected official should remain in office.

We are sponsoring a petition drive of people who believe the same as we do. We will present the petition and signatures in an effort to influence our lawmakers to put the issue on the ballot as a proposed South Carolina state constitutional amendment in the 2016 election.

Want to learn more? Click here for a detailed PDF.

Up in Smoke

South Carolina continuously ranks among the worst in the country in many health indicators. This state’s health is going up in smoke, negatively impacting our economic future. We believe in raising the cigarette tax to the national average, as this 1.) discourages bad health practices (especially among youth) and reduces the impact of secondhand smoking on others; and 2.) provides South Carolina with additional revenue, which can be used to help make South Carolina a healthier place in which to live. Want to learn more? Click here for a detailed PDF

Patriotism, Not Partisanship!

Politics often gets caught up in negative and bickering partisanship, when it should be promoting positive and uniting patriotism. We love this country and what we have accomplished - and look forward to contributing to an even greater future! We engage in community service projects and festivals across South Carolina to help spread the spirit of patriotism.

Want to see more? Click here to view photos from our "America Be Mine" patriotic photo booth!

No Incumbent Unchallenged

The vast majority of incumbents in local and state elections do not have challengers running against them - limiting our democracy and leaving our incumbents less accountable. We want to change this in the American Party of South Carolina by recruiting and nominating more highly qualified “citizen-legislators” to run for open seats and against incumbents on the local and state level.

Are you interested in being one of our candidates or know someone who might be?

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